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Sacha Stone & Ole Dammegård on Age Of Truth TV: Enlightenment, Love vs. Satanic Mind-Virus – Sep 25, 2020

This fascinating, extraordinary and intensely informative AGE OF TRUTH TV DEBATE interview with two of the truth community’s TOP-EXPERTS and…

Creating “Reality” in the NOW to Navigate the Shift – Sacha Stone & Cary Kirastar Ellis – Aug 28, 2020

Sacha Stone – wisdom on how to stay on track and guide our consciousness during the chaotic nodes  of this…

Live Round Table with Sacha Stone

Special Emergency FB Live: CALIFORNIA ON FIRE New Earth Project Join Cosmic News on fb Join Cosmic News on Twitter

Sacha Stone & Charlie Freak: Behind The Scenes

New Earth Project FreakSense TV Join Cosmic News on fb

The US in CRISIS: New Earth Project – Jul 21, 2020

The US in CRISIS – an epic conversation is about to go down! You don’t want to miss this one!…

5Q’s with Sacha Stone & Sean Stone – Jun 11, 2020

5Q’s with Sacha Stone & Shawn Stone. New Earth Project Join Cosmic News on fb

Personal Freedom & Sovereignty: Sacha Stone & Loren Trlin – May 24, 2020

A conversation with Sacha Stone on Personal Freedom, Sovereignty and creating a New Earth. Loren Trlin International Tribunal for Natural…

Great Awakening, Gen Flynn & Adren :ochrome: Sacha Stone – Camelot TV Network – May 10, 2020

The second interview with amazing Sacha Stone on Camelot TV Network hosted by John and Irina Mappin. Interview date: 10th…

Sacred Truth: Sacha Stone Interview – Host Winifred Adams – May 19, 2020

Neutralizing the Now-Space with Sacred Truth Please press link to see the Interview on youtube 🙂 Making Life…

We Are Consenting to Our Life Force Being Harvested: Sacha Stone – May 8 2020

In this video we discuss all kinds of things from tax robbery to the toxic build up within human beings…

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