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Riding the Dragon of Change – Light Being Message thru Jasmuheen

Message There are many patterns of energy blossoming all around the world and these are unfolding according to the free…

Pranic People: Discovering Your Blueprint – Kinesiology Test with Jasmuheen – Jan 19, 2019

The Blueprint Test – Honouring our Uniqueness – what did you agree to do this life? Is demonstrating being Source…

Assessing Habitual Behaviours with Jasmuheen – Pranic Living Pragmatics – Jan 17, 2019

So many people get locked into habits that no serve them or our world – just because Grandparents of other…

Pranic Living: Jasmuheen on World Hunger and Health Issues – Jan 15, 2019

In this brief video Jasmuheen answers the important question regarding how the pranic nourishment research and reality is being applied…

Jasmuheen – Pranic World Festival 2018

Jasmuheen at Pranic World Festival (PWF) 2018 Tutorial to select the All Languages subtitles on youtube Tutorial pour selection Sous-Titre…

Breath Power and Intention – jasmuheen – Jan 13, 2019

In this brief meditation you can join Jasmuheen (and the very happy noisy birds) at her retreat to enjoy some…

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