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Category: Jeffrey Daugherty

Magenta Pixie and Jeff Daugherty: Divine Architecture of the Matrix

Magenta Pixie appears on “New Cosmic Knowledge” with Jeff Daugherty, July 20th 2018. Jeff Daugherty’s website Jeff Daugherty’s YouTube channel…

Mastering the Matrix – Jeffrey Daugherty

  Jeffrey Daugherty on how to master the matrix and Magenta Pixie’s book “Masters of the Matrix” Jeffrey Daugherty  …

Emerald Tablets 2-6: Power of Magick & Deception of Dreams – Jeffrey Daugherty – June 30, 2018

  Emerald Tablets: New Perspective. Tablet 2, Part 2   Emerald Tablets: Intuitive Perspectives Tablet 3, Part 1: Amimal Totems,…

Alchemy & Transmutation in Psychic Self Defense: A New Paradigm – Jeffrey Daugherty

UNindoctrinate Yourself Jeffrey’s YouTube Channel has over 1,400 videos spanning the full spectrum of spiritual knowledge. His 36 years of…

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