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Ascending to your Home Planet – QHHT client session with Allison Coe

Allison Coe: Hello!!! Hope you are well and wonderful.  I’ve been doing Q&A videos on Patreon – short and sweet…

Tolec & Allison Coe: The Great Awakening – A pre conference teaser

To See & hear – Allison Coe at: THE GREAT AWAKENING conference, September 28-30, 2018, Sedona, Arizona Go to: TolecfromDakote…

Chakra upgrades, messages from Blue ETs, Mt. Shasta – BQH Client Sessions by Allison Coe

Allison Coe: Hi!! Thank you for watching my video about two recent, extremely synchronistic hypnosis sessions. These sessions both touched…

Ascending to the New Earth: Client QHHT Sessions – Allison Coe

  Hello, I hope these two wonderful tales of journeying to the New Earth will help someone out there. Thank…

Allison Coe: Before, During and After the Event – QHHT Client Sessions

Here is an interesting and inspiring video by Allison Coe on “The Event” as described by her QHHT clients in session. Allison Coe:…

The Event & New Earth – Allison Coe talks to Dan Hohlfeld

Allison Coe joins Dan Hohlfeld via Skype to talk in great detail about the coming “Event” and “New Earth”! Allison’s…

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