Part 1 – How To Get On The Golden Age Timeline, Remove Graphene Oxide & Stop Them Stealing Your SoulJuly 6, 2022

Part 2 – Q And A With Ian Welch –  Jul 15, 2022

Here are the afformations :
I choose for all four bodies to come to harmony with the golden age and your universal god self frequency, then say i ask for my spirit body and mental body to come back in to my being. you must say this everyday 

Before you eat food or put anything into or on your body you must also ask the atoms to come into harmony with the golden age and your universal god self frequency.

To remove Graphene oxide from your body you simply say this…… communicate with the atoms of your blood and DNA and tell them to let go of and remove Graphene oxide atoms and send them out of my body through the urine and stools. Then say…… I choose never ever to take on board the program of Graphene Oxide into my body.

To remove and neutralise the Jabs say this…. 
I now communicate with the atoms of my DNA and my blood. i ask you now to neutralise and dissolve any harmful programs that has been put into my body and to send them out through my urine and stools.

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