Dear Ground Crew

Here’s the latest from Apollo:

The days ahead will be nothing like you have experienced in the past. You are entering a whole new way of living on planet earth. You might want to say, “Let the good times roll.” and “Let the bad times roll out!”

This is what is happening now. The light is expanding you into a whole new reality. It is squeezing out the darkness leaving nothing but puddles of the past. Even the shadows will retreat into oblivion while the earth and the light ascend into the glory of creation. The pathway to the unknown is being revealed.

You will have magnificent surprises in your future. The revelations and glimpses of the future are already appearing. You are expanding your connections with your galactic family and friends and finding your connection.

Everything is opening up for your new beginnings. The joy and excitement is palpable if you simply go outside and breathe. Please take it all in, for as you do this, you become more of a part of it. We want you to enjoy it all and want you to say “Goodbye” to what no longer serves.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

through Valerie Donner June 30, 2022

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council reporting to you today from the Earth Council.

I am pleased to say that much progress has been made since we last spoke. The wheels have been turning and the lights have been flowing extensively. We are using all of our energies for this focus of the earth’s ascension and for your ascension. The focus is strong and deep. It is casting out lower frequencies and darkness that have festered on the earth for far too long. If you pay attention to these energies on the earth, you will see that it is easier to breathe now and that it feels lighter. There is still much occurring with the breakdown of the old. We assure you huge progress has been made and continues to be made on the behalf of creation, for the love of the earth and all of life.

We appreciate you beyond measure for working with us and holding this light. We are all working together, and our hearts are fully invested in every decision that is made. This is a complex process and it’s long overdue. It is precise and nothing can stop it!

What assists us the most is when you follow your inner guidance   listening for your next step. You will just know what to do, where to go, and what to say. We are guiding you. You will be delighted with the results of what we are doing together, even if you don’t know clearly what is going on behind the scenes. It is important to trust the plan and to know that it is a perfect mechanism and is God designed. 

We recommend that you take excellent care of your bodies right now because they are going through a lot. They have been taken to task from the attacks that been launched against them. Some of you are beginning to see the fragility of some peoples’ bodies. You are also beginning to see, and hopefully understand, how holy the body is. It is something to be respected and is quite a marvelous part of creation.

You will see that other wonderful technologies will be coming forward that will assist with your healing. Take heart and know there is some new improved healing technologies. You will no longer be limited to the allopathic medicine with which you have been living. You will have other choices. There are also numerous geniuses who will be revealing their natural cures straight from the earth. And you will heal!

The earth is also going through her healing journey. She will also heal. All of her kingdoms are ascending and vibrating at higher frequencies. This allows them to participate in even greater ways for the earth’s ascension. All of life is beginning to remember who it truly is, and it is beautiful.

Please keep going deeply within and loving your bodies, your minds, your hearts, and your souls. We are together in this and stronger than ever.

I love you! I am Mira.

Straight from the Heart:

How are you doing these days, ground crew? June has been quite a month, don’t you think? Astrologers told us that we would be needing to rest quite a bit, is that true for you? Some of us have had to rest due to having health challenges, losing our voices, being forced to go into silent retreats, and simply having to slow down. The bodies are integrating the incredible amount of incoming light. They are having to adjust to the planetary changes, earth changes, raising consciousness, coming imploding third dimensional breakdowns, emotional meltdowns, relationship challenges, moves, financial challenges and travel. These all require adjustment.

We’ve also had surprises galore in world governments, new discoveries, new truths, in every aspect of life there is change. It is unstoppable. June was a month for us to stop and observe everything that is going on. Many of us found we needed to go deeply within. We found there was much need for emotional release, including not just from this incarnation, but past incarnations. It’s as if we were forced to do this due to the urgency of the time. We know we can’t ascend if we are still carrying that heavy old baggage. We couldn’t ignore it, nor will we be able to continue to ignore it. The pace is hastening as the time speeds up.

These shifts are taking place globally and can be frenetic. They affect our electromagnetic fields and our consciousness. They impact our functioning. And they can make it a challenge to be out in the third dimensional world. Ground crew are sensitive beings. Many are empaths and feel everything. The weather has been unusual also. Here in the San Francisco Bay area we had almost 2 weeks of heat that was at least 90°. Now we have cooler temperatures in the 70’s with wind. Every one of these elements affects our bodies. In the past we may not have noticed the impacts of these variants, but we do now because we are more empathic and sensitive than ever. We need this sensitivity so that we can have the awareness of what is going on around us. We need to adjust and adapt. We are learning to live in a new world.

In some ways as we look at the old world as it is imploding, it appears ridiculous! It doesn’t make any sense to do some of the things that we’ve been doing forever for no reason. In the past we just did it but now we get to question. We need to question because these ways no longer serve us. They don’t belong here anymore. We need to erase them from our vantage points.

For the past couple of months we’ve had beautiful blue skies, free from chemtrails, full of ships and lovely clouds. We’ve had a plethora of butterflies, birds singing amazing songs, an abundance of flowers, fully covered trees, soft, love-filled air around us, giving us a taste of heaven on earth. Not only can you see the Galactic’s, but you can feel them in our skies. They are certainly helping to clean things up while they watch over us. Let us be grateful.

The sound of laughter is being heard again as humanity continues to lick its wounds and recover from the last couple of years. We know the light is guiding the way and that it has already won. We get to follow our hearts and drink in more of the heaven on earth energies. This is how we create our new world. We focus on what we are choosing in our lives, and we ignore the rest. Where our thoughts go our energy goes. If we go back to the past and look at the distracting, fear-based news, we will be feeding something we do not want.

In Conclusion

We are mighty spiritual warriors of the light! We are professionals! We are ground crew. We are fortunate to be on the earth at this time of the shift of the ages. There is much for us to enjoy now, as we go through this process and as we uplift the earth and all of life.

Thank you for all that you are doing, ground crew. We are in this together! Soon we’ll be celebrating our new earth.

With love, gratitude, light, and all good things, 


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