Project Looking Glass – Frank Jacob – Inspired: “Mysterious New Group Reveals New Information”Apr 5, 2022

A mysterious new group by the name of Guardians of the Looking Glass has released videos talking about major upcoming events and how humanity’s awareness of these events can influence and change them.

They also reveal a MAJOR EVENT in 2030 that will change everything.

Guardians Of The Looking Glass II : Event 2, Timeline Shift & More With Frank JacobApril 12, 2022

This is the second INSPIRED conversation with Frank Jacob discussing the mysterious group ‘Guardians Of The Looking Glass’, Event 2, Future timelines, Quantum Computers, Dr. Wu & how we can change the timeline to bring about the future we want.

Interview by inspired

Filmmaker & researcher Frank Jacob joins us for an INSPIRED conversation and shares his in-depth knowledge about the history of Project Looking Glass and what major events will begin to unfold.

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