1981 Law of One Prophecy Unsealed by Current Events: What Comes Next? David Wilcock – Sep 12, 2021 – VideoLink

David is back in this invigorating and perhaps unsettling journey through the “sealed” Law of One prophecy that only appeared in Book Five, having been deleted from the main text in the original editions. 

This prophecy is… how shall we say this… not exactly inspiring. At least not when you first look at it. 

David sat on this prophecy for many years as there was no need to call attention to it, until and unless this timeline actually happened. 

Once you read the prophecy, you will see how well the pieces fit together. Everything that is happening now was predicted in the Law of One series. We also have a reasonable idea of the outcome!

Despite how difficult things may seem, this is not at all a doom and gloom message. The simple existence and correlation of this prophecy suggests that we are going through a Divinely ordained transformation. 

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