Ohio-based Att0rney Th0mas R3nz was one of several speakers this past weekend at a conference in 4nah3im, California, where he announced that with the help of America’s Fr0ntline D0ct0rs, he was filing a f3der@l l4wsuit in Alabama based on a “sw0rn declar@ti0n, under threat of perjury,” from an alleged whistlebl0w.er who claims to have inside knowledge of a c0ver-up of reported d34aths filed with the V@cc.ne 4dverse Event Rep0rting System (V43RS), which is operated by the CD C.

This whistl3 bl0w.er has allegedly claimed, under 0ath, that there are at least 45,000 reported d3@ths that have occurred within 3 days of receiving a C0VlD “v@cc.ne.” Renz states that this report of 45,000 d3@ths is just from “one system” that reports to V43RS.



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