Xi EarthStar Healer: Quantum Hypnosis Journeying – I The EarthStar Sanctuary- July 17, 2021

Xi is back on starseed mission support this afternoon to share about the amazing modality of Quantum Hypnosis!  Xi uses quantum journeying as a tool to acquire information, support, and healing from her angelic-galactic team.  Journeying is a natural skill available to consciousness, and when cultivated can be an excellent tool to rely on through our journey in life.  On today’s SMS we have a special guest!

Shane is a trained Galactic Shamanism practitioner through the EarthStar Academy and resident bio-architect of the EarthStar Sanctuary.  Shane’s many lifetimes as a master code keeper and healer lends to his unique modality of Quantum Hypnotic Journeying sessions.

Shane works with Xi in the angelic-galactic realms, together assisting Starseeds in their awakening and embodiment journey.  As a master code keeper, Shane holds a library of genetic keys which support Starseeds and Lightworkers in remembering and activating their own unique capabilities of healing and galactivation.

Quantum Hypnosis Journey session with Shane


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