Super Soldier Talk: Guy Carter SSP Healer & Andromedan Council Member – July 14, 2021

Guy Carter is a Star Seed Contactee who always knew we were never alone and would rejoin the universal community one day. Around the age of 10, he began to be abducted by the greys for their hybridization experiments. This continued until his late thirties. He is aware of at least three of his hybrid children. He has experienced missing time as a result of a very malevolent ET group. Guy has been able to free himself of any grey attempts at any future abduction. 

He has had ongoing telepathic contact with various ET beings, who have come to him in dreams and visions. He sees himself as a representative of many of these races upon Earth during the global shift. He has genetic connections with the Pleiades, Lyrans, Mantids, Reptilian Orion Royalty, and has had communication from the Andromedan Council. 

In his civilian life, Guy has a degree in Science (Zoology). Currently, Guy and his wife, Michelle, own a Health Shop and Dharma Centre in Victoria, Australia, where they do energy healing and psychic readings. They have worked with a number of Secret Space Program insiders to help to recover their memories, recall their past lives, annul certain soul contracts, call in different ET councils, clear negative entities and off world implants and heal them from trauma. They are also the founder of the Star Family Conference in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Tonight, Guy will be sharing some his experiences with his ET contacts and their messages, memories of the underground bases, his interactions in healing SSP Insiders, and the ongoing mission to bring light to planet earth. Guy will also share some of his ET related artwork.

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