Cosmic Sentience: Deconstructing Ascension – Full Movie – May 27, 2021

Deconstructing Sentience

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This Sequel to our Poetic Investigation about what it means to be a Sentient Being is a Major Upgrade into Galactic, Peak, Superhuman, Supernatural, Multi-Dimensional, Extraterrestrial & even OtherWorldly Experiences akin to the elusive, but ever-unfolding, Process of Ascension.    

Featuring the world’s most cherished Channels, Galactic Researchers & Consciousness Pioneers, who courageously cover the most hotly contested interstellar issues to date, including Contact, Disclosure, AI, Transhumanism, Elite Agendas, Corruption, Censorship & Inter-dimensional Psycho-Spiritual Abuse…

…And who provide the true Divine Blueprint for transcending the trappings of the False Matrix & its synthetic, subconscious imprints into the Superluminal Soul Matrix Sovereign Sentient Being that you truly are!  

This is an epic, power-packed, 2-hour extravaganza for anyone on a Spiritual Journey or interested in how Sentience relates to Ascension as an Activated Starseed or Lightworker.  

If you’re a frequency match to this series of Potent Downloads, prepare your Avatar for a journey through the most important aspects of Ascension, as we climb the Vibrational Ladder through Experiencing Emotions as Energies & Dimensional Consciousnesses!   

This “Awake-u-mentary” is especially for you if you’re finding the current Trifurcation of Timelines & impinging Assaults on our Primordial Sentience particularly challenging.  Here’s a sneak peak at  the hot topics we explore as Conscious Custodians of the Future of the Human Race:

– Facing the Fear of Death

– The Near Death Experience (NDE)

– Karma as Out of Balance Frequency

– The Reincarnation Cycle

– Earth as an Ascension Machine

– Sacred Fractal Geometry

– Iterated Integrals

– Numerology & Emotion

– Converting Quantum Potentia Into Classical Actuals

– Photonic Light & DNA Upregulation

– Cosmic Starseed Architecture

– Divine Blueprints vs Conditioned Imprints

– Decoding Light Language

– Sacred Symbolism & Semantics

– Clairsentience & Claircognizance

– Synthesizing Synchronicity 

– Psionic Intuition & Activation

– The Channeling State

– Galactic Contact & Our Cosmic Heritage

– Paranormal Phenomena

– Timelines, Densities & Dimensions

– Portals, Bleed-Throughs & Deja Vu

– The Holographic Nature of Existence 

– The Splitting of Realities  

– The Antidote to AI & Transhumanism

– The Override Frequency to Anti-Sentience

– Service to Self vs Service to Others

– From Awakening to Stargate Ascension

– Optimizing Free Will for Enlightenment

– Aligning with God/Goddess Consciousness

– Samvartica Fire Solar Flash

– The Event is YOU!


Antonio Damasio

Billy Carson

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Dr. Celestine Star, DD

Darryl Anka

Dawson Church, PhD

Francis Xavier Aloisio 

Gregg Braden

Howard Martin

Jovanny Varela Ferreyra 

Julia Cannon

June-Elleni Laine

Katherine Peil Kauffman

Lynne McTaggart

Magenta Pixie

Marina Jacobi

Dr. Meher Engineer

Rafael Araujo

Dr. Richard Miller, PhD

Dr. Rollin McCraty, PhD

Dr. Rudy Schild

Shiv Charan Singh

Sonja Grace

Sperry Andrews

Steve Mera

Dr. Sue Morter

Thrity Engineer

Vitaly Safarov

William Henry

Written, Edited, Produced & Directed by:

Kristin Gillespie

Edited & Sound Designed by:

Chris East

Deconstructing Sentience

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