Devotion – Xi EarthStar Healer – The EarthStar Sanctuary – May 1, 2021

Shaman / Priestess / Oracle are different words for the same life path destiny of those who choose to live in accordance with Divine Love and act on behalf of Divine Will.  It’s essentially striving towards living a life of being of Service or in accordance with the Law of One.  No longer living in the illusion that one is Separate from source consciousness.

When we recognize the greatest healing power to be True Love, the Love of Divinity, we realize that only pure devotion to the universal source (our higher self) opens the gateway to embodying this power.  Devotion looks like prioritizing your inner connection to True Divinity.  To be a true technician of the sacred this is the one and only requirement and practice which leads to true power and success… Lets dive Deep today Family!
Xi EarthStar Healer I The EarthStar Sanctuary

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