David Icke: FREEDOM International Livestream – Round Table – May 1, 2021Video Link


Quantum Nurse



David Icke is an icon for FREEDOM.  

It is the journey that he took upon himself from early on, when no one dared to speak about critical world issues emanating from the roots of distorted historical lies and disempowerment. 

What’s happening now has been predicted by David Icke.  

He has been called many names from being a conspiracy theorist, crazy, absurd, genius, prophet, savior and many more.  He’s a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom.  All of which he shared in his numerous bestselling books, outrageous running thousands of speaking engagements in public, radio, tv, podcasts and many more platforms.  

His name and presence sparks source connection for listeners and viewers that we may remember that as beings of consciousness we can bring out love as the main weapon for destruction of evil.  

He may take you down the rabbit hole when he speaks  but he will surely help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.  He will always remind us that to acquiesce is not an option. To act in Love and Freedom are our choices.

He is the most censored person in the world. No matter what, truth crashed to earth shall rise again.


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