We Are The Storm – Jimi Brent feat. Deb Thomas


All the lies they tell  and All the games they play

We can see right through  We hold the power Inside of us

These are troubled times  That test our very souls

We will never back down  In God we trust  We stand strong  


We are the Storm  We are the Light  We are messengers of Truth

We stand in Peace  We stand in Love

For all of Life and Freedom  We are the Storm

Souless people lie  They sell us out for their gain

We are not for sale  They never thought  We would find out

Justice will be served  We will take our nation back

The people hear the call  We will rise up  We’ll see it through


Our course is clear  For all to see  For we are One in Liberty



Deb Thomas – Vocals

Jimi Brent – Vocals, Instruments

Written & Produced by Jimi Brent

P.S. My deep apologies to those awesome patriots who were not shown in this video. There are so many of you! I love, honor and respect all of the great patriots who are fighting for our freedom. You know who you are. As the USA goes, so goes the rest of the world. We will not fail! God bless all of you!

-Jimi Brent

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