Utsava’s January 23 Updates

Pre-Recorded Inauguration? Movie Set, More Censorship, Sting Operation, and more!

Good Morning

On January 20, 2021 we saw the fake inauguration of Facemask Joe Biden. It was an orchestrated movie production for the world to see. I have consistently stated that clone Joe Biden will not be inaugurated and he will not be president.

I’m heavily censored and my channels keep getting shutting down. I had posted a video on January 18 which was then published on January 20 (it took two days to upload since they are blocking things). Youtube removed the video and gave me a strike  – whenever that happens, you know you’ve hit a nerve. In this video, I had again stated that Biden would not be inaugurated – it would be a fake inauguration, created by virtual visual effects or similar. After deleting my video and giving me a strike, they are now blocking me from uploading to other sites.

Some people (who say that they have intel but don’t, and have been wrong about key events in the past) have falsely claimed that no arrests have been made. We have been covering these arrests and tribunals for two years plus, and they have been confirmed by REAL insiders such as Joe M, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and Vincent Kennedy.

The other day, these false sources went on to claim that the arrests were supposed to happen after the virtual inauguration, but this of course was not meant to happen, and did not happen. Why would it when they have already been arrested? How could it have happened, since the so-called inauguration was pre-recorded and was seen a week earlier on Spanish television? People also reported that when they switched channels, the inauguration was seen live on one channel and ten minutes early on another, although President Trump was still president until noon. Therefore such an “inauguration” would be null and void. Also, more than one Supreme Court judge was arrested, so how can Biden be sworn in? When you look at the Oval Office and the event at the White House, you can see telltale signs of a studio setting and green screen used to create fake scenes. 

Rudy W. Giuliani stated on Twitter:

“The American people were at best virtual participants in today’s inaugural. It was a purely staged media event for the elite. All other Americans were invited to watch from afar, very afar. 8:26 AM – Jan 21, 2021.” He confirms the virtual illusion, the smokescreen and the fake event that I had stated would happen. He is hinting at what I told you a while back: that Joe Biden’s clone and Kamala Harris, among many Congress people, have been arrested. There is no real Congress anymore! Everything is on lockdown right now. 

The government as we know it is as good as shut down.  

There is no flag up at the White House, which is a sign that the military took over. I reported on this weeks ago, and it has been confirmed!

Think of this as a sting operation to trap more criminals, as well as a movie production designed to educate the people. For instance, you can see a Chinese agent from the Communist Party right next to Biden at the inauguration. Obviously, he is there to show people that Biden is controlled by the Chinese. The Chinese are his handlers.


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