Guru’s & False Prophets: Soul Frequencies Revealed – Sacha Stone – Jan 22, 2021

This Fridays ‘live’ Soul Frequency Show with Sacha Stone, Elena & Alejandro: Guru’s & False Prophets

Some of the people they will be revealing include Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jesus, Buddha, Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, and so many more! 

Share Widely! Because we just about blocked everywhere!

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​What is Vibrational Revelations? Alejandro and Elena are on a mission to help you better understand many aspects and layers of what makes up our 3D reality. They developed a unique system to test Consciousness and have created this exclusive community to share their discoveries with you.

You can join them for weekly sessions that reveal and explain the consciousness levels of well-known people, systems, and so much more at your request.

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