Greetings! Join us as Aurora channels Egyptian Horus, delivering a much needed Galactic Update. Understanding our TRUE sovereignty and power, and learning how to use it energetically and alchemically with what is occurring in the now within Earths time and space. Bridging Egypt to the now so that we can become our further Source activated being. The fractals of you within the multi-dimensions and Universe. How the times now relate to our sacred Universal Laws. The 2-3 world split – how it is playing out in the physical now. 

Who is Horus? Birthed sacredly from whom and where. How does he bring sacred knowledge? Who is he a fractal of? What is his connection with the Heart chakra?

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Greetings! Join us as Aurora goes Live giving a Galactic Update with an overview of Earth’s timeline, what is occurring in the States, and what is to come. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! STAND IN YOUR SOVEREIGNTY AND POWER!

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