Even after everything we shared with you last night, are you still uneasy today, worried about how all of this Election nonsense will play itself out??? Well, if you are, ask yourself a few key questions to get the HEART of the MATTER…

Which is the Keystone State? Why did President Trump spend so much campaign time there? What is the real reason President Trump is in favour of FRACKING and all the Demoncrats want to end it???

Tunnels in Pennsylvania? Is PA America’s Transylvania?

How does one open the Keystone, by entering the Key, or CYPHER? Is Cyrus going to enter in the Cypher by taking Pennsylvania’s Election Fraud to the Supreme Court? Amy Coney Barrett? Reason? Purpose for pushing her swearing in ceremony IN FRONT OF THE ELECTION???

Why does Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro hate President Trump with an unbridled fury??? Hiding something? Fearful? Why did he comment that if every “Vote” is counted, President Trump will lose the election??? Voter Fraud from the State’s Attorney General??? Connection to the Mainstream Media (MSM)??? An Nationwide Organization in place, behind the scenes, to CONTROL Narratives and Vote counts??? Besides the sitting Government, and their instruments of the Law, who can possibly get their hands on Ballots, Boxes, and Counts? An Unseen Powerful Force that rules thru Bribes and Threats?

When did President Trump enter the Podium to begin his end of evening speech last night??? 2:22 am (222 which adds up to 6…it is also the Numerology for the Sacred Feminine Mother… remember that supposed Satanic Gesture that Trump does when he is sitting down with his hands together creating a Womb shape???)

When did President Trump exit the Stage (exit Right) after completing his speech??? 2:31 am (1, 2, 3, the Holy Trinity, Father, Mother, Child, which also adds up to 6)

What was the TIME STAMP for the Q Drop during the Trump speech, talking about the KEYSTONE??? 2:22 am (2+2+2=6, again 222 is the numerology for the Sacred Mother…as the “Key” to the Keystone?)

666…was Donald Trump sending a DUALISTIC message to those concerned? Did the Healing Energies of our Sacred Feminine Mother just takedown the Canaanite Hydra last night, in plain sight, for all to see???

So, Trump enters upon the Mother Symbol, he leaves with the Holy Trinity Symbol while Q drops another Mother Symbol…hmm, Message? The Mother is the Key?

How was President Trump going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN??? MAGA…MAG is Magnetism as in Mary MAGdelene, as in the Sacred Feminine Mother…

Is this all tied in together? Is Trump as 5D Chess Player? Is he 10 moves ahead of “Them” at all times? Was all of this necessary to outline at a SUPREME COURT LEVEL the Massive Voter Fraud that has been going on in America for a hundred years??? Was all of this to tie Politicians and the Mainstream Media in together, as the KEY role players to present and SELL this subterfuge??? To SELL Lies, to SELL an Alternate Reality to the Truth??? What will happen to the remaining ASLEEP Masses when this connection and subterfuge are proven and outlined, in detail, at the Supreme Court Level???

Awakening? The Downfall of Conventional Politics? The Downfall of the MSM and the ART of TELL-LIE-VISION? Who will the masses turn to for help? Friends? Family? All of you who have Awakened without Judgment against those who weren’t ready? Will you Reach Out your Hand offering Friendship, Support, Love and Truth?

Welcome to the Great Awakening…I hope you enjoyed the Show…a Donald J. Trump/JFK Jr. Production…

Charlie Freak 

FreakSense TV

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