G-M0 Bay and the 45th

Monday 5th October, 2020 – Australia

The vision during this journeying came through as both a series of scenes via a Looking Glass Technology, presented once again in the “white room” with VIPs present, and these scenes are experienced as though they are remote viewed. But these also came through on a different level; How I arrived at this highly protected location was as an Eagle … I became the bird, and it was as if I was the Eagle, and beside the Eagle all at once, floating beside it as an observer. We flew in and sat on some branches just outside of Camp Justice, watching a spectacle before us. I also received specific wording for encoded messages as I was trying to document what I saw … 

The 45th stands before me in the white room, looking healthy, looking through papers, looking focused, powerful, and efficient. M nearby, healthy, radiant. They are safe and protected for the next phase … 

Scenes appear before me, first of several prominent US politician’s faces – noses growing like Pinocchio.

A Handsome Man from the Great White North should feel at home in Cuba – High Treason.

Past Presidents ready to go to sleep.

HRC behind bars – what you see publicly are “stunt doubles”. “She swings at noon”. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. No Saturnalia this year.

The best is yet to come.

Blonde B received his marching orders – assassination attempt uncovered – on a flight home to Cuba.

The Hyacinth breathes a sigh of relief – capitulated, but not out of the woods – direct descendent of a Madman in high position. 

“Take no prisoners”

Level up.

“The Eagle has Landed”

Julian – I ask about him and his welfare, the answer I get from the 45th is “We have a med-bed for him” …

Oh the many famous faces that came before these VIP prisoners … there are no more heroes, no icons, no celebrities … good luck to the many who believe in false idols.

MOZAMBIQUE … W.F. and Thanks … 

The Next Level Prisoners are the Political Elite.

The Next Level Prisoners ARE the “Second Wave”. This is “Operation Justice”.

Dominoes Fall. 

The most prominent are arrested, while the HIGHEST ranking are under house arrest.

#44 BRQ Lightning is shackled and being questioned, he is FRAZZLED. 

You say: “But the news said they’re still around, living their life. Free as a bird, causing harm. We say: The light has not been shed on their atrocities – nor on the true state of where they have been”.

G Max has not gone quietly. Her data is sound and used to connect dots. BUT not the main source of information. She served as the “surface entertainment”.

The REAL data, the GOLD MINE is in the A.I. – THEY’VE. GOT. IT. ALL.

Take no prisoners …

“Beware now of the Spiders who watch you – the few who remain. Be vigilant(E) citizens and don’t get caught up in their silly games. As long as you see through their illusions, and as long as you remove the fear from your mind, then you will truly see the world clearly – without a second thought for ‘WHEN?’.”

It’s happening NOW.

NOW. 10 past the hour.

Leave NO PRISONERS. Take no prisoners. Leave the cells empty … 

A grid forms a dome over the Bay. No one can get out. No one can get in – it keeps their freedom at bay. Justice served on their terms – no 4D interference. Dark cannot interfere … 

With deaths and indictments against heavy hitters, the “Secret Seals” are BROKEN – vows of silence and secret societies crumble to dust. 

The Light is coming for the Dark … 

On the ground – business as usual – that is Optics. It’s for the show. Shocking people suddenly out of their slumber is counter productive to an “Awakening”.

Blessed be the Freedom Fighters.

Blessed be the Men and Women who hold up their heads in a sea of Sleepwalkers, breathing freely, shining the light.

Endure no more suffering. Stand Tall.

The night of the 14th will shed some light on what has been done and won.

Harriet Tubman … who is she?

The sentences for those who are of a higher level of Evil is death by a method unknown to the common man. A type of vaporization, as there are multiple layers to their Evil.

Scan the globe. EVERY. SINGLE. REGION has operations to a lesser or greater extent.

If your country is heavily restricted it indicates one of two things; a POWER PLAY between two factions, and a clean up job of massive proportions, above and below the ground …

AGAIN – the question this entire operation, for this entire year is about WHAT IS ILLUSION OR DECEPTION AND WHAT IS REALITY?

The narrative you are told for public consumption is what has created this fake reality for so long, and we gather together and begin to see clearly with 20/20 vision, OPENLY, COLLECTIVELY, WITHOUT CENSORSHIP – The illusion, the deception crumbles.



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