In this extremely beautiful and touching Tribute to the Sacred Mother Africa and all of her blessed Living Creations, Charlie takes us on a journey as to why the Cabal have unduly targeted Mother Africa (and her children) over the years…and it is due to the Beauty and the Power of Mother Africa’s Vibration, and thus, that of her Children…

Charlie also describes how the luring Magnetic energy of Mother Africa ATTRACKS millions of Men and Womb-men each and every year to visit her stunning creation, and how these journeys represent the Baptism of the Water (from the Water Goddess herself) for Mankind…the Healing that we so desperately desire to wash clean the Sins of our Physical world.

And Charlie ties all of this together with the recent news that the destruction of the DUMBS has now begun in earnest within Mother Africa, foreshadowing an END TO EVIL on this most precious of Continents…Africa is not only the most beautiful and Magical Continent, but it is also the most ABUNDANT, although not to the Naked Eye…the True Wealth of Africa rests within her Children and within the ground itself with an endless supply of Potable Water capable of turning the Sahara Desert into the Garden of Eden, capable of feeding the entire world, 5 times over…

So, as the Miracle occurrence of the Great Conjunction in the Night Sky between Jupiter (the Father) and Saturn (the Son of the Sun) continues, the Sacred Energy of Mother Africa is calling to them, reaching up to these Goodly, Godly Energies and enhancing their power with a brand new, Healing, Truthful energy of the Mother, creating the HOLY TRINITY on this Earth as we approach the fullness of this Winter Solstice on December 21st, where we will ALL receive the full power of this Holy Conjunction right to its Flowering upon the New Year, the Passover of the Spring Equinox…and here the Light of Christ Consciousness will RISE ONCE MORE within us, paving the Way to a brand new reality where our “Junk DNA” will awaken to the TRUTH that surrounds us everywhere upon the Sacred Mother, the Golden Awakening from the Golden Lady upon God’s Golden Creation!

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