Interview with Dr Heiko Schoning at Trafalgar Square London 26th Sept 2020. Interview starts at min7:10.

German Doctor Dr. Heiko Schöning arrested at Hyde park 26th Sept 2020

Dr Heiko Schöning Statement after his Release and Arrest.

Dr Heiko Schöning is one of the many doctors speaking out about the real FACTS and EVIDENCE of this Pandemic.

He is part of Doctors For Truth and Co-Founder of the Extra Parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry, ACU.

CHECK OUT for hearings and information.

Graceful Light Mastering Mind, Body & Spirit

German Dr. Heiko Schöning Speech Thwarted – Save Our Rights

Saturday 26th September 2020 Trafalgar Square when Police move in behind stage.

DAVID ICKE – UNITE FOR FREEDOM – Sep 26 2020 at Trafalgar Square London. – by Oracle Films

London Protest, Trafalgar Square. Interviews with the Protestors, 27 Sept 2020 – by Anna Brees.

Anna Brees

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