In this fifth and final video in the New Earth Teachings series, Magenta continues to analyse the Nine’s responses to her questions looking at the various outcomes within the probability fields regarding the US election and a T*/ru#*#mp win.

In this fourth video in the New Earth Teachings series, Magenta continues the analysis regarding the diamond core convergence of timelines and the importance for remaining in zero point for New Earth manifestation. 

Magenta also discusses why the Nine use metaphor and how that assists the starseeds and seekers of the way. At the 23:57 mark, Magenta begins to discuss the US election as event as timeline changer and reflection or manifestation of the diamond core, and the multiple possibilities and potentials within the convergence that could manifest as election outcomes. 

Presenting the Nine’s response as channelled transmission, ‘Event Match to Convergence Pulse’.

In this third video in the New Earth Teachings series, Magenta talks about what life will be like in the fourth density including geological changes and the different expressions of Earth and New Earth. 

She continues through the analysis from the Nine, discussing the probabilities of the different core emanations of the convergence event and looks at the political play outs on Earth and their influence on the timelines and vice versa.

Magenta Pixie

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