Round table with Charlie Ward, Charlie Freek, Jen McCarty and Laura Ward.

The children being rescued –  True education – Whats going on with tik tok and micro soft – Future Earth

Welcome to Episode #2 of our on-going Roundtable series with host Charlie Ward, in this 2nd episode, the general theme was that we must celebrate the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth so help us God…because without the whole Truth, we risk everything happening all over again at a later date.

Topics discussed included the new Quantum Financial System, Donald Trump and his Actions, COVID Restrictions amped up again to awake the Sleeping Masses, Problems in Australia, especially Melbourne, South Africa and the UK…Boris Johnson, Changing our Belief Systems to see thru the Mainstream Media lies, Faking the Covid #’s, the Definition of what Truth really is, which is Ruth…Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust, No Censorship of the Social Media, Trump and the Republicans on the verge of a Landslide victory on November 3rd, 2020…Ayn Rand’s Novel Atlas Shrugged, John Galt and faking deaths for people to come back at a later date, Michael Jackson is not a Pedophile, Jethro Tull and Aqualung, Linkin Park and Chester Bennington being murdered by his Father, John Podesta…Anthony Bourdain a Spirit Cooker, Kate Spade made the Red Shoes from Human Skin for the Red Shoe Club…DUMBS, Deep Underground Military Bases, Trump’s Whirlpool Speech, and finally NESARA/GESARA….

So, enjoy this 2nd meeting of the Knights of the Roundtable and get ready for more as Charlie Ward wants to host this on a Weekly basis…God Bless All of You Angels, Love,

Jen, Laura, Charlie Ward and Charlie Freak

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