Via Project Mockingbird, the Controllers have used the influence of the mainstream media and the overwhelming influence of the academic-science-medical system, to prepare the masses. 

This has taken place over the past hundred years through many hidden dark operations and projects, which are assaults against humans. There are many sleeper agents and those groomed to play roles in these end (new beginning) times, to lead people into major traps.

There are chemical, social and genetic engineering programs to make the current generations way more susceptible to the idea of genetically modifying themselves to ultimately carry out transhumanist AI agenda. A false Timeline that will be presented as solutions to our global problems, that many will fall for as their anxiety and fear isn’t allowing them to hear their own inner voice.

So if anxiety and fear makes it hard to hear your own inner voice — take a break from that and find a space of tranquility to reconnect. Let it guide you, not crush you.

Most people’s addiction to TV and outer belief systems and needing to join something or follow something that becomes a sub-identity to your actual true divine self — blocks natural organic Ascension energies from getting in and that is a big part of anyone’s awakening, is to recognize this. 

This is what they are doing with this virus, to take us further away from ourselves and be fully controlled .

There is a serious War going on behind the scenes, in front of our faces and on a Galactic level. 

It is up to the human race to claim victory over it and its going to take each person making the choice to stand in alignment with their true self, Earth and Cosmos, Spirit, what God Source represents for you ~ your passions, dreams, visions, intentions. 

When we take the time to nurture this and we step away from information overload and the static and stagnation it creates – we can better then navigate this human realm and generate and receive our divine birthrite and be on a Timeline that fully supports it. 

When we end the War against each other and take back our power – we win the larger one.

Laura Eisenhower

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