Amanda Ellis: Acclimatisation to new energies as we time loop through Lions Gate – a longer video will follow for Lions Gate but these were some downloads I received this morning.

Issues / Glitches with Ears, Throat, Teeth, Jaw, Heart, Feet – in fact all Chakras affected….Support from Ashtar and Metatron. Grin and Bear it we will be ok – just got to flow with this  one – this portal is the biggest since 2012 ….be KIND to your body….it is struggling.

The other video I mention linked to this is Time to be Strong – Time lines are Fluid:

Even Eden had weeds….

Back to basics and some tough love …

we are what we focus on….as LIghtworkers we need to up our game and be the way showers we came here to be – and Yes everything you say, focus on, give attention to makes a difference – so which timeline are YOU helping to bring in….what ‘ingredients’ are you putting into your ‘manifestation cake’?! 

A lot of light workers are getting pulled down into lower timeline scenarios – NOTHING IS CONCRETE – so help create a better world!!!!!

Be VERY careful of the Doom and Gloom brigade and align to those of a more hopeful and positive energy. There is a thin line between awareness and falling into a lower energy trap….ask the Ascended Masters to help you find the balance.

Also looking at walking each other  home – the Canadian Geese that fly overhead also have a message – they confirm what I say in this video – and never leave any of their own behind.

Energetically you are being invited to hold even your enemies hand – this is an analogy also for not rejecting your own shadow. 

Recorded outside so put on your headphones if you can’t hear me!-Amanda Ellis 

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