New Moon in Cancer energies and its corridor of change it brings in…

05:14 The fallen ‘urn’ ….All emotions tumbling out for all to see / hear now …Let what is inside of you be revealed / spilling the beans – Sneak Peak of First Painting from my new Christ Consciousness deck with Jane Delaford Taylor, then a look at taking first tentative steps towards the new pulled in by this New Moon – for those REALLY stuck Tower energies are again also here….

15:15 Message from Ashtar – Earth as HOME for Starseeds – The Universal Family and Transcending Language, Labels and Realms – Tower moments possible for any ‘Devil’ / Lower energies holding you back…but you have to also take steps towards the light. 

33:28 Mary Magdalene – Two messages for Love for two different groups

39:08 Mother Mary – She OFTEN appears when Ashtar is near – really interests me that – Mary tells us HUSH! Need for Silence, Veil of Darkness before Resurrection energies can arrive. Also a look at emerging out of confusion. 

Having fun with AMSR and letting the water flow over troubled waters – into the new.

Amanda Ellis

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