Radiant all, 

July is an excellent period to go within for the purpose of innerworking such as, nuturing your Qi, clear your mind, ground your body, stabilise & uplift your emotions, raise your consciousness and contemplate on compassion and emptiness.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have experienced intense rebirthing, gone through two powerful eclipses in June, transformed our heart chakra and deep-rooted beliefs during Venus retrograde from May through June.

Our emotions are still rising up to the surface and is important to be mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions. We are releasing and discharging in-order to heal.

Every day, take time to contemplate on compassion to the world, and the emptiness of all existence. Love nurtures our heart and our life.

Contemplate on “What is my relationship with all living things and the Earth?” and “Who Am I?”. 

Compassion nurtures the community, all living things, and the Earth.

On 5 July, there will be another FULL MOON lunar eclipse, though not visible nevertheless we will receive this time – POSITIVE impact and is best to meditate on wholesome thoughts, make new connections and new friends.

Though Mercury is currently still retrograding, it will turn direct around 12 July. Mindful communication is recommended.

In general for July, besides the occasional shifts occuring within, it is a good vibrational month to build and develop your vitality.

Meditate every day for short periods to de-stress, to clear your mind and develop compassion.

Meditation will help you to rewire your brain to be healthier, happier and gain more inner peace.


Yantara Jiro ???

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