Join Suzanne Lie for part 1 of this conversation which focuses on the major upcoming solar eclipse on June 21st 2020, the Galactic starships around Gaia and tuning into/expanding our awareness of our energetic bodies.

Part 2 of this conversation goes further in-depth about embracing change during this Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse and how you can further connect with the Galactics and the starships.

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“Becoming One” poem by/through Suzanne Lie.

In this video, the Arcturians will be sharing their perspectives on the current energy field of Gaia (Earth), landings from the star ships, moving through the 3rd/4th dimensions into the 5th dimension of reality

and how we as the grounders of the Light can continue to expand our energy fields to fulfill our reason for incarnation during this NOW of great planetary transmutation.


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