In today’s interview recorded on the 6th May 2020 (US), we get info from his sources regarding the on-going war, which is becoming more and more public. 

We get into the questions of who knows what in regards to factions of the Cabal that are attributable to the Nazi 4th Reich. Ben makes a case that they won aspects of WWII that intel agents and Israeli Jews are only beginning to understand. 

He assures us that the good guys are winning and we talk about how many people are now awakening.

B:ll Ga :tes is on our topic list as are the WHO, CDC, and the usual suspects. 

Are there any time markers to look out for? What does the end game look like? How is the scam:demic backfiring for the Cabal? We look into these as well as other topics. As usual, we’re way ahead of the information curve.

PrepareFor Change


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