In this next video on her Corona Wisdom playlist of sharing great insights and tips Jasmuheen talks first of what she has learnt by the many Darkroom isolation experiments and how it applies to lock down now.

She also provides 4 powerful stories that relate to the need for mind mastery and also a great practical program for honest life assessment so that when lock down completes we will have all been locked in to something that can permanently changes our life in a great way.

Mind Mastery and the wise use of mental energy is the first tip, in the next video she will share about the Mastery of Time and the benefits of time transcendence plus more!

In this 30 minute video, Jasmuheen shares of many wonderful things that are beginning to emerge as we unify with compassionate care for ourselves and each other during this challenging time of corona virus, travel bans and lock downs. She also provides a higher picture reality and simple advice regarding the frequencies that are important now as Earth uplevels into a new way of operating.

She also offers 4 free gifts of support including her very fun Source Feeding song as per the next video. Also see her new I Love You Meditation upload that she gifts with this insight.

Send this link and data to all if you tune to it!

Three free gifts to help you stabilise and support others!

Introduction to I Love You Meditation – why it works and how:

The I LOVE YOU SOURCE FEEDING meditation link –

Our fun recoding songs for health and alternate feeding –