Xi brings us an initiation into the next stage of our collective planetary lightwork. What comes after waking up, after walking-in, after disclosure? We talk about the energies of 2020 and beyond, the importance of embodiment and wielding Creation Magic in real time!

Creation Magic is the study of the way of Creation in the Universe. It is a modern and galactic take on Ancient Daoist studies of Oneness and our Human participation within it. We are really diving into a whole new way of being “Human”, and all the steps we must take in order to reclaim the Throne of Divinity rightly deserved by any who earnestly treads through the waters of Transformation.

In the great age of Mutation and Change upon our Planet, it is up to every one to approach this path of healing and transformation with honesty and diligence. Only through this pure intent of the heart can we embody the Divinity we truly are, and wield this Creative power for the Liberation of All beings.

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