March 2020 – Hymn to the Silence

Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary, Archangel Uriel Combined Messages:

A path of ‘Inward Revolution’ – whilst all around the collective goes crazy we journey inward to meet our heart and the Divine Mother Mary. Silence, Stillness and a moment of respect for our innate sensitivity and loving presence.

Looking also at Health issues and other challenges – again a call to drill down deeper – not impeding but opening up to other parts of what Metatron calls the ‘Hall of Holograms’ residing in our soul. You have ALL you need inside.

A message from Mother Mary and safe place to rest with her from the external noise and chaos of March – and a Soul Light activation from Archangel Uriel. Archangel Ariel also nudges in energetically…

Amanda Ellis

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