A detailed look at the energy around Julian Assange, His Soul Mission, Life Purpose, Outlook, Current state of being, Health, Likelihood of extradition, Galactic Origins – (I forgot to say but he feels both Sirian and Andromadean), a look at his Numerology and that of Chelsea Manning – they are Twin Soul energies which doesn’t mean same soul just same soul group – and have total loyalty to each other – a code of ethics the Galactics live by. 

Big sacrificial energy around him but he knew what he was getting into in terms of his lifes purpose – to be the whistle blower  and what Metatron calls House Sweeper (House = Earth). Charges have been trumped up against him and include the allegations of sexual abuse which are false. He is facing persecution and a degree of emotional torture. 

A footnote – Less than 24 hours later as I upload this I can’t help but still be concerned for him although it does appear he has a lot of spiritual protection on place…as I drove back from taking my daughter to work past an airport I saw a plane take off next to a half rainbow as I again thought about him – this could be interpreted many ways and I may have to do a Part 2 to this video – I did feela sadness though looking at the rainbow. 

As I did not have time to look at Australian government or UK government. I have just pulled a card for Boris Johnsons attitude to Julian and got card 44 ‘No place like Home’ – this may indicate either he helps Julian feel at home in the UK or helps send him back to Australia his true home. I sense in PRIVATE Johnson is sensitive to Julians plight but if he does anything about it is a different matter. He may also use Julian as a bargaining tool in US/ UK Trade Pulling cards for Scott Morrison and Julian I got the Secret Surveilance card that repeatedly kept coming up through this video – ie spying on him. Donald TRump regards Julian Assange came up as card 3 (Julians number) and Clouded Thoughts, Indecision and Confusion – in essence Trump doesn’t know what to do with Julian but I do wonder if the Pole Shift card I pull at the end of this may be a pardon – you just never know….

The whole subject is challenging and difficult and I for one am supporting Julian – those that are with me can add to the healing light around him and ask for best possible timeline for him to materialise as he has chosen an exceptionally hard life path but one that was ordained and as Ashtar says is Mission Impossible ….but at least he tried…. – Amanda Ellis

Amanda Ellis

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