22/02/2020 – Creating a moment to connect with Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation with some background information on him, a look at ways to see his energy around us – with a nod to Light Phenomena, Aurora Borealis, Hexagonal Orbs, ‘Jacobs Ladder’, Water, Colour Rays, also referencing the 1977 Vrillon Television Transmission – link here to that: https://youtu.be/ZllYeVajahE

Also a channelled Message/ Broadcast from Ashtar via myself including claiming our Galactic heritage,2 by 2 into the new ‘Arc’ –  not fearing what is ‘Alien’ – it is simply unfamiliar – other species are scared of us! A few Galactic cards pulled, and looking at importance of being balanced to connect to Galactic energies, Grounding and more….

This is an introduction – more will follow as we go forward – today we open the doorway to Commander Ashtar on this channel and thank him for the guidance here and that which is to come….

Amanda Ellis

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Sprays mentioned: Commander Ashtar, Galactic Federation, Earth Elemental, Cosmos Elemental and Teal Alta Major Chakra 

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