Allison is a Dream Interpreter, Metaphysical Researcher, Intuitive Counselor and a QHHT & BQH Practitioner, practicing the Dolores Cannon method of Quantum Healing.

“I started Soul Focus Hypnosis because one of the best ways for me to achieve these goals is to offer the Quantum Healing Hypnosis service to anyone and everyone. It’s time to really put myself out there, be vulnerable, and grow from that vulnerability. My own QHHT sessions, as the client, have given me a new lease on life. The sessions gave me purpose and clarity, and showed me how to incorporate my passions into my career. My sincerest wish is to serve others and offer them that same clarity, relief, joy, and purpose.

The years I’ve spent engrossed in metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric studies have all led to this work. All of the teachings, no matter the source, share a common thread: we are infinite beings who chose to come here to this place at this time because we knew we were strong enough to handle it, to learn our lessons and make a difference. Our thoughts and feelings create the world around us. We are connected to all that is. We are energy, we are vibration, we are love, we are the Universe manifested as human beings in this life. And we have amnesia.” – Allison Coe

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Alison Coe

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