Hello everyone!! This audio is chock-full of beautiful information for a variety of people. So many are struggling with loss, confusion, lethargy and the desire to be finished here on Earth. Please sit back, close your eyes, and allow this session to give you hope. 

My beautiful client Leslee went through a tragic loss in 2018. She agreed to finally have another hypnosis session 14 months after this event. I asked her to submit a forward that would allow for some background to be shared. I have recorded a pared-down version of her forward at the beginning of this audio file. Below you will find the original. If you wish to view Leslee’s drawings that she does while connecting to her son you may view them on her Instagram account @foundturtle . Most clients stay anonymous, Leslee has agreed to come forward in an attempt to spread hope and help others heal after going though tragedies. Please be respectful and kind at all times if you feel the need to reach out to her. 

Leslee’s forward: 

“My life as I knew it profoundly changed the morning of Thursday, May 24, 2018.  My 17 year old son had sent a cryptic text to his older brother in the wee hours of the morning, when his brother discovered the text, around 8 am, we began a search for Joshua who was missing from his room and placed a call to 911.  Two hours later, near the entrance to the St. Johns Bridge three police officers met me at the spot where I had found my son’s pickup truck.  One of the officers just shook his head “no” and all three embraced me in a group hug.  I didn’t understand what was happening until the lead officer said to me, “I’m sorry, he didn’t make it.”  My son had hanged himself from the St. Johns Bridge around 4:30 that morning.  He had refused proper diagnosis and treatment for what looked like emerging bipolar disorder and emerging schizoaffective disorder. In Oregon, a 17 year old is legally allowed to refuse treatment, and Joshua, being incredibly bright knew what to say and what not to say to stay out of institutions.  I barely remember my life before that morning.  Fast forward through 6 weeks of grief if you will, and through a convoluted set of circumstances, I began receiving information from Josh from “the other side” through drawings and writing.  These communications were about things coming, his life on the other side, and evidence that he was still near by us, his family, most of the time. We had a daily dialogue for several months, we still talk and draw though less frequently now. My deep dive into processing grief has also included my sister and her husband both passing from cancer, and my grandmother (dying from old age — 105) all in the last 4 years. Josh had been on the other side for about 14 months when I had this BQH session with Allison.”

Allison Coe


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