On this episode you will learn:  

* The inspirational story of Dr. Dispenza’s healing after being hit by a truck.

* How defining moments revolve around a decision. 

* Why change is so uncomfortable. 

* How unconscious behaviors function like computer programs. 

* What it means to cause an effect in your life. 

* How your thoughts can create your reality. 

* Why you have to unlearn in order to relearn. 

* The incredible power of making a decision with firm intention. 

* How morning meditation can influence the rest of your day. 

* Why leaving the present moment depletes your energy.

* How your genes can actually adapt and change. 

* The biological shifts that can occur from practicing meditation.

* Why the quantum is like looking in the mirror in a dressing room. 

* How changing fear to gratitude can regulate your heart and immune system.

* Why you should express gratitude prematurely.

* How self-regulating your emotions can make you an overall happier person. 

* What it means to be the creator of your life.

The Model Health Show


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