Time for some light hearted fun – come and spend an hour with me and Micheal – a short reprieve from all the dramas out there right now  …Michael always loved this time of year – he talks about Halloween and his love of it, as well as his friend Elizabeth Taylor, also Vincent Price, Fred Astaire – in fact quite a gathering of Hollywoods Golden Age ..and helps me with a quick read on Collective energies and yup again ‘Tower’ energies dominate….I also take a look at energy around him and ongoing justice to clear his name.

He was on good form….and I for one was happy to be in the presence of his sweet energy …he reminded me of a lovely book I used to read my girls …pumpkin themed and the pleasure we got from it…looking forward to sharing this new video later in time for 31st….if you haven’t seen my other MJ videos there are about 5 of them all up on my channel under a playlist called Heart Squad …

Have a happy and safe Halloween – and from Michael I love you more….

Amanda x

Amanda Ellis

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