Dear All

On my recent “Clarity to Embodiment” call, I overviewed the theme of the last ten-year cycle as the necessary cultivation of wisdom, and the main purpose behind why life has seemed so tumultuous for many people. It’s as if the last ten years had to create enough room for the incoming expanded consciousness to reside. As a result, major distortion patterns of ego had to be addressed and triggered in order to be released to accommodate the space your higher consciousness requires for embodiment.

As you enter the next ten-year cycle, the cultivation of greater wisdom shifts into an awareness of alignment, accountability, balance, and groundedness to help integrate your newly-expanded consciousness throughout your mental, emotional, psychic, and energetic bodies. This shift of focus surely brings an exhausting ten year cycle to an end, as you enter timelines of greater clarity, maturity, stability, and support. As the next decade acts as an emotional, energetic, and personal harvest of total living redemption—a tell-tale sign that you have already entered and are acclimating to the climate of a 5D reality—the remaining few months of 2019 assist you in entering this process.

What may explain how you’ve been feeling is a term I recently channeled from the Universe called: “Old Self Die-Off”.

It’s a cycle of existential grief, where instead of purging the loss of a beloved, a pet, or a family member, you are saying goodbye to outdated timelines and aspects of self, as the new 5D self moves into position to lead the way.

Signs of “Old Self Die-Off” include:

• A general overlay of sadness, physical weakness, or a lack or motivation

• The feeling of being stuck, invisible, or the fear of being left behind

• Reoccurring waves of sorrow, guilt, abandonment, apathy, or boredom

• Knowing what needs to be done, but unable to get over the hump of procrastination

• The awareness of a greater truth than those around you with the inability to speak it freely

• A heightened sensitivity to food allergies, EMF frequencies, or the conditioning of others

• Amplified waves of anxious, nervous energy that get recycled by patterns of overconsumption

• Profound moments of forgetfulness, bewilderment, and confusion

• A sense of defeat or the feeling of being engulfed by fear, worry, and unworthiness

Whether one, many, or all these symptoms match your experience, I offer this to help you understand the bigger process underway, so not to fall into the ego’s default mode of thinking there is something you did wrong to bring this about. While a small percentage of first wavers have already made it through “Old Self Die-Off”, there are a growing number of people who are in the depths of despair, which can quickly become experiences of existential excitement, as your awareness opens up and aligns with a greater cosmic perspective.

The less pressure you put on yourself and the more balanced your choices become determines how quickly you are able to move through this transition into 5D reality.

I can assure you, no matter how unworthy you feel, or how deeply you doubt your capability in making these shifts, the first wave of ascension will be using 2020 as a time of getting to know the inner-workings of 5D. Just as I have been guided by the Universe to assist you out of the 3D matrix and through the emotional operators of 4D, I will be help you orient to life in the 5th dimension as 3D and 4D timelines continue to collapse and clear out of your energy field. On behalf of the Galactic Council, I can assure you there is nothing to be afraid of and everything to be excited about, as you take your time and stay the course of your soul’s victory.

For those who yearn for more support in swiftly navigating through “Old Self Die-Off”, or who wish to boost the newly-discovered joyful experiences into a higher vibration of passion, peace, fulfillment, synchronicity, and inspiration, I highly recommend my “Clearings and Activations” downloads, newly available for purchase today.

These excerpts from some of my most powerful live teachings have been prepared by my team in response to many requests for a compilation of these potent tools to help you clear away distortion patterns, collapse outdated timelines, and transmute limiting beliefs and cycles of sabotage. We’ve also included activations to assist you in anchoring higher vibrations of light, experiencing profound states of higher consciousness, and aligning with the most miraculous timelines throughout the quantum field.

My technical team has also enhanced each clearing and activation with space for you to ‘repeat after me’ and feel each shift. These new downloads act as perfect companions as you say farewell to the old self and hello to the new you and the greater versions of everyone you love; and they can be used to compliment your current spiritual practices whether in Angel Academy 10, my Total Integration Program, Project Resolution or from other teachings and modalities.

For many worldwide, it feels like humanity is on the cusp of a brand-new beginning. As a part of the First Wave of Ascension, you are among the pioneers of a newly-embodied consciousness. And as members of the Love Revolution, our mission is to enter 5D and anchor its vibration in the most loving way, so others can feel the heart-centered calling and move towards the expansion of their soul with curiosity and excitement, instead of apprehension and intimidation.

Needless to say, you are no longer on the cusp of something big. It is already well underway. Sometimes experiences can be mysterious or even uncomfortable, but the greater good existing in each and every moment reveals a breath-taking tapestry of light we are co-creating, together as One—as a result of each of our journeys.

As always, I am here with you every step of the way and will always be right by your side.

All for light. All for life. All for love,

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