Will we stay chained to the cave or step out into the light…divine help to dissolve that which binds us to lower vibrations but you also have to help yourself. 

Includes a card read and a look at 3 oracle cards all reinforcing the same message for Octobers energy, particularly 10/10 portal and the 7 days of integration needed either side of it. 

Colours that can assist our journey to the light and help the physical body to adapt to the huge shifts now are: Midnight Indigo, Orange (Flame), Silver (Crown Chakra) and Bronze (Sandalphon) – all available at: https://angeliccelestialcolours.co.uk…

I will be back for a further 10/10 Special nearer the time….plus a special Heart Squad happening with all 9 plus the 10th member unveiled…

Oracle Cards used in this video – Work Your Light – Rebecca Campbell, Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle – Amanda Ellis, Energy Oracle Cards – Sandra Anne Taylor

Sprays used: Flame, Indigo, Silver and Bronze : angeliccelestialcolours.co.uk…

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