For ‘the quiet one’ George sure has a LOT to share and is still talking long after the cameras stopped rolling here, as I channelled his energy and spirit. Even the title of this video ‘Wise Wizard’ was given by George – I said ‘Are you sure’….he said..’Look it up’….turns out it is his sense of humour with a nod to unfinished business too – as after googling it I see The Beatles talked about plans to make a film based on Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkein ..George had put himself down to play Gandalf the Wise Wizard…

Having spent time with George today I think wizard is a good way to describe a very deep spiritual man who we may know from The Beatles but which never defined him wholly…he was and still is magical…

In this video we talk:Signs he is around us,  Indian Mysticism, Christ, Krishna, Other Ascended Masters (George isn’t defined by any one belief system), Meditation, Plants, Gardening, Flowers, Being ‘The Quiet One’, / Family Dynamics, His transition and view of death, Spiritual Tools including Malas, altar major chakra, power of scent, nature and sound to heal, Galactic FUTURE lives on the 2nd Blue Planet, Enlightenment and My Sweet Lord…..

Didn’t even have time to chat about The Travelling Wilburys, Paul or Ringo (we touched on John) – next time we will….he is settled in as Heart Squad number 9 and appears to be here to stay….

An honour to have him with us – a very powerful addition to the squad…

Welcome George…..

Video 2 following on from ‘George Harrison Wise Wizard’.

…in this video a huge spirit orb appears (top right hand corner) from 2:50 onwards and stays till around 20 minute mark at which point he realised he had made his point that he was here (!) and wants us to really listen…. 

The video ends with a VERY powerful transmission to welcome in New Earth energies – but before that we talk: Paul McCartney, Ringo, Hong Kong Peaceful Protests, ‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth’, 

…and what that really means, What it is to be Still and Peaceful and hold Non Retaliatory Energy, His Thoughts on Sitting with Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, and a Herbal and Flower card for us all….

Still haven’t talked Travelling Wilburys….although he does mention Tom Petty and Roy Orbison briefly….

Amanda xA

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