What you are holding energetically right now will magnify – be vigilant. Changing lanes and moving to different positions also right now but unexpectedly so..Crazy energy out there so step out of the way of the wrecking ball … new structures will emerge eventually. 

Shout out to vulnerable members of society – safety energy is compromised right now – so dig deep and help each other. Forgiveness also came up as a theme – card pulled for Germany – new light emerging there and South Africa also came up linked to not going back to the past … I didn’t say but strongly got after making this video the forgivenesses energy is also linked to Zimbabwe and coming to a peace with Robert Mugabes era … I will say more another time on this. 

My neck is fine it’s now back to normal – no need to worry about it the redness that appeared was a way spirit got me to talk about Necklacing … that and many other horrors that have happened needs to be healed by those communities and countries it touched…

Madness right now will usher in greater peace but stay strong and turn to the angels to help you with grace, compassion and strength – we are not alone through these rather odd and discombobulated times ….

Love 💕 to all of you – let us be the peace we seek x

Amanda Ellis


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