THIS WEEK: Journey To Truth  Podcast Hosts Aaron Kuhn and Tyler Kiwala.

Is mother earth and the human race truly experiencing what many are referring to as the “Great Awakening”? Are conspiracy theories really just theories? Has the truth about who we are and where we come from been suppressed and hidden away from the public eye by the elites who control this planet, in an effort to maintain a sinister agenda? After years of research, thumbing through leaked government documents, listening to eyewitness reports and whistle-blower testimonies. We believe that not only is this possible but may very well be exactly what is taking place on this planet. Thousands of people are waking up and demanding full disclosure. We began Journey to Truth Podcast in hopes of shedding light on this reality, giving people a chance to come forward with their experiences and discuss the importance of waking up to these truths and what this could mean for the future of humanity. One thing is certain. The truth is wildly stranger than fiction!

Aaron Kuhn is a researcher and activist in the Disclosure/Awakened community. He was a devout Christian for most of his life until he was 25 years old when he had his “awakening”. Through questioning and researching anything and everything, he came across people like David Icke, David Wilcock, Jordan Maxwell, Dolores Cannon, Project Camelot, and others. 

He started putting the pieces together about ETs, what’s really going on on our planet, our true history, the true nature of reality, etc. After 5 years spent in isolation doing his own research, In 2017 he attended his first ever conference, “Eclipse of Disclosure” in Mt. Shasta, CA. It was there that he became connected to this community for the first time. The next year at the “sequel” to that conference called Dimensions of Disclosure, he met Tyler Kiwala and they ended up creating the Journey to Truth Podcast together. The rest is history.

Tyler Kiwala is an experiencer, independent researcher and passionate disclosure activist. Most popularly known in the awakening community for Journey To Truth Podcast, hosted by himself and fellow disclosure activist Aaron Kuhn. 

Together they have created a platform for discussing any and all “controversial” and eye opening topics without limitations in an effort to spread awareness to the masses. Tyler is in the process of developing his own YouTube channel where he will be creating content that takes a deeper look into some of the lesser known truths of our world that are hiding in plain sight.

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