Magenta Pixie appears with Todd Medina on Soulogy One Studios, recorded June 19th 2019.

Magenta and Todd talking about:

• Taking it day by day with no plans for projections. Living in the moment. Letting go of worries.

• Staying in the zero point field without slipping back into the chaotic 3-D.

• Staying Balanced with all the multiple timelines.

• Bifurcation/Trifurcation. Feeling the merges and splitting off almost simultaneously.

• Old paradigms giving a hard last push to hold on.

• Remembering that we are multi dimensional beings and we don’t have to be trapped within these 3-D systems.

• Easy and blissful in one minute chaotic and overwhelming in the next.

• Twin flames/divine couplings coming together more and more because that’s what’s needed.

• Relaxing and falling in love with ourselves. Finding divinity and Union within.

• MONADS/Soul Families: in depth discussion.

• Our own crystalline memory fields being activated within our DNA.

• The Monad is quantum energy both outside us and within us.


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