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Can you please tell me how I can clear my family’s karma?

There are multiple methods for this. 

Visualisations work wonders with the path clearing. The spiritual cliche ‘working on yourself’ is really key here, for as you work on yourself you break that cycle of passing down blueprints to your descendants (you also heal the ancestral upline as there is no time in this work.) Karma itself (a whole other topic) is very misunderstood and is not the ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’ interpretation that many hold. 

Karma is just a simplified way of explaining that you are carrying a genetic blueprint for specific experience and one of the reasons you are incarnated at this time is to change that genetic, ancestral blueprint (or to keep it depending on it’s alignment with you and your life’s map or indeed to ‘upgrade’ it ;))

This will allow your descendants to be born without ‘limitations’ (a pattern reduction) placed within their DNA code.

There are literally multiple ways for you to do this as I said. 

Your ‘karmic healing’ filters into the wider world and beyond your genetic line until eventually you are healing the planetary and galactic grids when you do this work. Yet you do not need to think in these terms or even in the terms that you hold a family responsibility to ‘clear their karma.’ If you are able to hold this expansive thought without confusion then move into that knowing but you do not have to do this in order to do the clearing. 

Simply work on yourself (your beliefs, lifestyle, spiritual path etc.) Every single starseed/lightworker/ascending individual is here to do the same thing (in their own unique way.)

When we change a core ancestral template on the individual level and we all do this simultaneously with others, we change the ancestral templates for all humanity and Earth and that is ascension. 

The Nine present much deeper explanations of ancestral clearing in my third book ‘The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame’ most specifically in chapter 45 ‘Sins of the Father.’ 

They provide a visualisation template taking you into the core sixth dimensional pre-matter template and directly to the genetic blueprints themselves. This visualisation allows you to communicate directly with the DNA (through the language of light) and clear/transform/upgrade those genetic blueprints. 

This is relevant to experience (as in what most people term karma) including illness, disease, suffering, abuse cycles, poverty incarnations etc right into immortality itself. ….Magenta Pixie & ‘The Nine’ X

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