Inner Earth Video 1 of 2 – Hypnosis Session

Allison Coe:

In this video 1of 2 I’m just explaining about a new trend that has emerged in my sessions. All of the trends mentioned are steps of information we need to fully grasp. 

Step 1: we are raising our consciousness and an energy event will soon come and help. 

Step 2: we are preparing for the next dimensional shift in consciousness and being. 

Step 3: The Earth will shift to its next level and dimension – she will be the New Earth. 

Step 4: Our soul is a fractal, part of which is a higher dimensional ET sending information to us that can help raise the vibration of the planet. 

Step 5: The Inner Earth is of a higher dimension and we need to connect to it to help with this next stage. 

This is video 1 of 2 on the Inner Earth. This is short and sweet and just gives you a tiny bit of information. 

Video 2 is a transcribed session that ties all the information together. 

This is important information for us to understand as we are nearing the climax of a grand metamorphosis. You have a unique role to play in this – we all do. 

Thank you for holding the light in your area, for purging out the old and healing your hurts and your hearts.

I sincerely hope these two videos help someone. Thank you to all who allowed me to share and for those of you who reached out recently. 

Allison Coe

Inner Earth Video 2 of 2 – Audio only – Hypnosis Session

In this video 2 of 2 Where I’m reading a transcribed session that is full of important information that also ties in each trend that I’ve reported on.

Allison Coe


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