Dear all

I decided to repost this comment by a dear star-seed fb friend on the gender agenda, androgyny and AI. 

I hope you find it as helpful as I do. All Love Fae 


The genetics behind sex characteristics and the human hormone system were manipulated, yes. I strongly feel that. I don’t know who did the tampering. Some say the Anunnaki, some say the Reptilians, some say the “Fallen Angelics” or Nephilim. I don’t really know. But I strongly feel that the genetics were manipulated to increase the polarity and division between the sexes. And one aspect of the Human collective journey is re-gaining our genetic sovereignty. I don’t see Androgyny as equating to AI. Androgyny in itself can be beautiful. Certain traditions speak of Hieros Gamos, or the Sacred Marriage within. I believe that at some level, what we call Divine Mother and Divine Father are simply two sides of the same coin. They flow as One consciousness with no separation between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Like the infinity symbol, they flow as One. One consciousness, One energy. 

I personally despise AI. I do not like where this world is going, and at some point, because of AI and 5G, I may move back to the mountains or out into a rural area. But I do not equate Androgyny with AI at all. Androgyny in and of itself can be beautiful and spiritual. 

I don’t know where I stand with regards to undergoing gender transition at a young age. I hear what Patricia Cori is saying, and I feel like I understand some of her concerns. I cannot speak to NWO or programming or any of that. That all may very well be true, but I don’t have the intelligence or mind to really explore those things in depth. 

In terms of what Nilo is saying, I have seen gender fluidity in the current generation. I lived in Santa Cruz for a while, and I saw so many examples of gender fluidity, people who were defying the binary. And to me, that is wonderful. Non-binary identities do NOT necessarily mean the absence of masculine or feminine. It can indicate the presence of both masculine and feminine, or fluidity between the two. And to me, that is wonderful. I know my views won’t be popular in this forum, but that’s OK. I feel that the Divine is both Masculine and Feminine, and the more we strive to balance the polarities within ourselves, the more we evolve back towards the Divine. We become like that infinity symbol, balancing the Masculine on one side, and the Feminine on the other, and remaining at the still center point where they meet.