Pleiades 1 Messages

P1 or Pleiades 1 is not a Pleiadian groups from the Pleiades. Even if we are all ONE, as has already been said, for a clearer and more comprehensible understanding, we will explain better.

P1 or Pleiades 1 are beings of the 17th dimension and are not Pleiadians as some people think.

They come from the seventeenth dimension through a portal in the Pleiades Star System, one of the countless interdimensional portals that exist there.

This group of spherical consciousnesses entered through the portal of the number 1, existing there at the Pleiades. Therefore, let’s say: Pleiades 1 = Consciences that have entered through the Portal 1, the Pleiades. – Disclosure News

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Explorers are removed.

Zero i: field overcharge for dimensional multitasking. “Refresh” in progress.

Culture of fear in dissolution.

Angelic approach to ÓB (Lower Orbit).

Elevation field increases in Zone D.

Harmonious enframe regenerable MiD.

Lovingness magnification occurs by special magnetic radiation.

Forests of Truth gain ground.

Exponential *Mestrado Reverberation (Master Reniy / Master Ury) being achieved! 66%. The Light Celebrates!

*Asghar manifested! Immediate support to PVSE! Projections / Anchoring started: 99% (non-regressive).

Sector 66Stil in final dismemberment. Finalizing in soon linear. 92% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.

Pleiades 1 (Extending Crystalline Field in Terran environment)




Thousands of years ago, even before Gautama Buddha, in the mountainous regions of Tibet, there was a Tibetan Master, not known in the traditional history, called Reny.

Reny moved many energies in that place, he constantly anchored the energies of the Sun and the Moon, the Gold and the Silver, the Balance and Harmony, Peace and Bliss at that point on the Planet.

He also taught his disciples the integration and the art of communication with the spiritual world. This master led the souls to the Heart of God with his generous, compassionate and loving word.

In the same way he guided them with his voice, he also served as an apparatus so that these souls, caught in erraticity, could find peace in the eternal Divine Love.

Reny in leading these beings with his voice, was working on the force that would later be call Master Guide for the souls.

However, when he was going from his physical apparatus to the spiritual one, he was working on the force that was later called Master Voice. His disciples had the opportunity to work together with him in this great movement.

After a while, Reny’s mentor came to him and granted him a consecration. This unified the two forces, Master Guide and Master Voice in a single consecration, which would even take his name.

His mentor only added a letter “i” in his original name and this was the nomenclature given to this consecration of unification of these two forces, Master Reniy.

Reny’s mentor informed him that from that moment he could consecrate his disciples to one of these three forces, Master Guide, Master Voice or Master Reniy. The disciples who worked together with Master Reny, now Master Reniy, received the consecrations according to the work they performed according to their soul plans.

Some received the consecration of Master Guide, another of Master Voice and others received the consecration of Master Reniy.

All these consecrations had the same value, the same importance and the same grandiosity, the difference was in the soul plan of each one who was there, changing only the type of consecrations they would receive for the work they were prepared to perform.

In some cases the disciples were able to receive a consecration and after a period of time receive another, not necessarily leaving the previous type of energy. Again, what determines this is the soul plan of being.

A sacred geometric was channeled for each of these consecrations. This one below is referring to the Master Guide.


The central sword represents the Protecting Light of the beloved Archangel Michael, as well as the Power, the Force, the Divine Will, the Faith and the Divine Order. The two “warped” side swords represent the dissolving of this physical reality as unique and the integration with multiplane/multidimension.

The bright white Sun/Star represents the guiding Light of wisdom that emanates from the heart of the consecrated Master. This Light leads to the higher spheres, to the sacred heart of God the Father/Mother, beings that are immerse in an aura of disconnection with their loving and eternal essence.

The Master consecrated with this Cosmic Force is a conductor, a guide to currents or beings who are in disarray with their essence, guiding them back to their more balanced and resplendent state. He leads them to Home, where everyone always returns.

This second Geometric refers to the Master Voice.


The symbol of the infinite represents the multiplicity of planes and frequential variations that the Master, consecrated with this Force, is immersed.

It represents the constant oscillation between the realities and vibratory beams that this being experiences during his days. The silver arrow facing upwards represents the indication “of the heavens”, the Spheres of Light, the most subtle planes of existence.

The downward-facing golden arrow represents the Terran plane or the denser planes of existence. Notice that between these two arrows there is the symbol of the infinite which also represents the master who will give up his physical apparatus and that will serve as a portal leading the beings coming from the Earth towards the High Spheres.

It also lead from the High Spheres, luminous emanations and the infinite blessings of the Heavens towards the Earth, representing the manifestation on Earth of the Voice of these Realms of Light on Earth.

The sword next to it represents the protection and all the attributes mentioned above in the blue sword of Michael, however, the silver color in this case represents the energy of serenity that this master carries with his work.

This Third geometric refers to Master Reniy.


As you may note, this symbol represents the unifications of these two Cosmic Forces in a single consecration. The being that owns it develops the work on the two mentioned above.

In short, the Master Voice is a hyper-intuitive being that captures the energies sent from the celestial realms and multiplies them in the Terran plane.

The Master Guide captures these energies and divides them to be delivered. The Master Voice brings the intuitive blocks of the heavens and the Master Guide linearizes them so that they are understandable to those who will absorb them.

Master Reniy, as he was called after being consecrated by his mentor named Úgra, is a great Sirian Master who came to Earth thousands of years ago with his grouping.

Osho is part of this Sirian grouping. Reniy, still in Tibet, had many disciples and he was aware that his teachings and anchoring of those energies would reverberate for eons ahead of that time.

Some of his disciples are incarnated at this time, like Zero i, who at the time was called Master Ury. Ury belonged to one of several group of disciples assisted by Master Reiny, he was the first of his group to receive the Consecration of Master Reniy in his fields, delivered directly by the one who lent his name to this Consecration.

The Forces of Light have directed the beloved Gabriel to deliver this blessing to humanity, he will leave the surface of the planet consecrating those who are in tune to receive it.

He will also be guided as to when and how he will do it.

Those who, at first, are attracted to some of the consecrations, there is no problem to be attuned to the force and meet Gabriel personally, in some event of consecration.

You can also make a frame with the symbol that touched you the most, on your office/workroom, bedroom, or wherever you feel like, print the symbol and carry in your wallet, or put it on your cell phone. Use creativity. Looking at him every day upon waking would also be well indicated.

The Forces of Light are delivering to mankind this consecration, plus this present from Heaven, which reached the planetary surface thanks to the inviolable dedication of many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.

Great moves are made behind the scenes so that Forces like these can to be handed over to mankind, an exchange is always made and for this to happen.

Gratitude for taking your powers consciously and acting as protagonists here! Gratitude for your always positive intentions!

Wallpapers for Mobile with Geometric have been made and are available for download clicking the button below.

Wallpapers for Mobile with Geometric



He is a being of the Uzon Universe (see Uzon in the Glossary) and is currently working in support of the PVSE. He is one of the few in Uzon who have decided to support the PVSE. Some others do not want to, act against instead. Uzon is a Reverse Magnetic Universe (a Shadow Universe). (I’ll still write more about it when I get it.)

Asghar is a discipline expert. It is persuasive and determined. He has never failed in any mission he has taken part. He is a being of pure energy and has never incarnated in any physical environments, or even possessed some form. It’s just random energy.

Upon descending to work with the PVSE as one of the guardians next to Zens-Om Noen-Nil, another guardian, they become two powerful guardians of the PVSE acting in the discipline and awareness of the present missionaries.

Asghar does not tolerate a lack of respect for serious things, does not tolerate indiscipline, nor does it allow negative forces to invade spaces where he acts.

Many negative vibrating beings have feared when they saw him “come down” to work as guardian of the PVSE, because they know that with him around, it is very difficult to perform any attack against him, since he has a powerful field of force, and does not admit any violation to that, which he considers “a sacred place.”

Some people may be frightened by his appearance, as he has taken a form, and now it can be described for better understanding.

He is about three meters high, dressed in a beautiful tunic in a dark silver tone, the hood covering half of his face, leaving visible only one eye and part of the the face. His eyes are in an intense silver tone, an equally intense look, and with much power.

Looking at him is like looking at one’s own personalized discipline. Underneath the tunic, it is believed there is a body, but it’s not. It’s just energy. The tunic shapes “that body”.

The only part more humanized seen is the face, partially visible. He is a being that radiates silver energy and also works with the legions of the great Knights of Light as a knight of this legion. He is very “personal friend” of that known as Chapanã/Aloikaik.

Asghar is in the Solar System and more precisely on Earth since the fall of Atlantis. When the continent sank thousands of years ago, a specific negative group of Uzon came in negativity to aid in the movements that would destroy that continent. Asghar came along with this group, but “something happened” and he turned to Light and has acted that way since then, supporting the Forces of Light.

He was recently called by Archangel Michael to be a collaborator and guardian of the PVSE, and he accepted. Asghar has seven other expressions, one might say. These, in this Universe, are always in seven, each being with his individuality. Asghar is the personality of this group of seven who serves the Light.

he is projecting itself completely into PVSE, since he was recently called to support this vortex. Of course, he will not support just the PVSE. He is willing to support anyone who calls him. He is a great Knight of the High Legions.

Asghar has no plans to incarnate in physicality. In fact he had never manifested himself through any medium on earth, nor in any other system. When he wanted to talk to somebody, he would go straight to the point appearing as that random silver-toned random energy. He manifested for the first time, recently, through Gabriel RL, communicating through him through incorporation/psychophony.

May all this Force coming from Asghar be reverberated in support of all PVSE and the like!

Welcome Beloved! Very honored with your majestic and powerful presence!


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