We came back with another message and today we would like to talk to you about your Egyptian heritage.

Throughout the ages, you have incarnated many times in that region which in the past was a true oasis, with lots of greenery and abundant water.

Egyptian Heritage – Constant Companions

There, much energy and learning were abundantly manifested and you, for the most part, were very actively present, and both learned and taught many things.

All this inheritance is within you. That’s what we want to talk about today.

Many of you have had great accomplishments, great deeds, and also some things in which, due to certain levels of consciousness, have become complicated, so to speak.

We are not here to judge you in any way, but only to try to make clear some of your feelings, of the most varied, when talking about this region of the Earth.

Why do some of you love this region and others feel discomfort with anything is related to it?

Here it should be said that many of us who have spoken to you now have also been there, incarnate and lived our experiences in ways, and we also learn and teach.

Most of you, when you remember or visualize that region in some way, feel immense joy, longing, desire to be there again, and this is normal, since much of your mystical learning took place there, especially at the time of the construction of the great pyramids, which, as you know, took place through the manipulation of the great force Vril, a force you are able to manipulate, as you have always been masters of it.

So, tuning in to this region ends up awakening in you that great energy, power, and somehow deep memories of your most mystical times, same can happen when you deal with great energies.

On the other hand, some of you also feel great discomfort when talking about this region and we want to inform you of some of the reasons, if not the main reason, of this (for some of you, not for all).

At the moment when most of you reading our message, about 75%, was incarnated there, in the days when the manipulation of the elements was something normal and totally conscious in the majority, there was a small society of mystics, wise men who knew how to manipulate Universal Energies with mastery.

These were you, for whom matter was just something simple to be manipulated. The force of gravity was not a problem. You had no physical restraint, as you dominated matter and its elements.

You walked on the water, floated, lifted the densest rocks with the point of your fingers, turned sand into water and water into sand very easily; for some reading now it may seem fanciful, but we guarantee it’s normal as for some of you today it still is.

It happened that, because of this, some of that region, as they could not do what most did, felt very bad not admitting to “be different” from others.

Even some of you did not understand this difference, since you belonged to the same race, and also with the same physical appearance, almost identical.

Why some can do these things, others don’t? They posed this question many times. This until one day a teacher, who would later be known as Jeshua, appeared during one of the private meetings through a sort of hologram.

He didn’t come to teach them how to handle these energies, to manipulate these forces as you did, because it was not yet the time.

Some understood the message but were still worried about not being able to do it. Something was not clear yet: “Why not? He (Jeshua) has just said not yet, but why? ” They questioned themselves.

Some time later, one of the mystical and wise manipulators decided to teach only one of the group. It was disastrous, a big problem. One who did learn teach another, and another, and another, and in a short time everyone knew how to manipulate that force.

They began to try to capture the great spaceship that hovered over those regions, coming from the High Commands to give energy to those environments.

Being a normal fact, the spaceship promptly approached, emitting beams of light that fell on all, positively energizing the places and everyone present.

The group was already alerted that they had not yet been able to manipulate the various forces and setting up traps to capture these ships, naive thinking, they thought it was a smart move believing they could gain even more power.

Sad thought… The first attempt to capture one of the ships triggered the craft defense system that mirrored the action and returned the beam of powerful plasma on those who fired it, causing a disintegrating effect.

It wasn’t the intention of the ship’s commander to perform such action; the defense system of the ship itself mirrored the actions. Other similar feats had already occurred in the past, as well as in the future, after this event. Some naive minds have always tried such things and similar results have occurred.

The radiation of this was present for a long time there. Many physical bodies have been completely disintegrated. The group of attackers was severely affected, with about 90 percent of their members having their physical bodies disintegrated, and affecting their astral bodies as well.

Even the knowledge-holding group was affected. But since everything follows a Divine Law and nothing happens without a reason, it is not for you or for any of us to speculate. Our idea is to show some of the reasons why some of you feel uncomfortable when you remember Egypt and / or someone mentions that region.

After that, after having recovered part of your astral bodies, many of you returned to incarnate there, in reigns of certain pharaohs, as for example Amenophis III, beginning the processes of recovery in the physicality, as the incarnation included some physical problems because the damaged astral bodies.

This incarnation with Amenophis III massively helped tremendously, being able to completely recover the bodies. You helped him build his main palace, and during this construction, with each stone laid, a wave of Light bathed your bodies and guaranteed that you would return in harmony.

You had no obligation in this building, but a law of Love enveloped you, and this action would rebuild something destroyed in the past. The building of the palace of Amenophis III would balance these energies of the past and also enable many souls to be sheltered there and receive their emotional and physical healing.

No one will ever be considered guilty of the experiences, we honor each one who wish to experience. Our message is for you, so that you understand the reasons for liking Egypt as well as the reasons for the resistance to

In any case, your connection with Egypt goes beyond this time that we are quoting. It goes far beyond! You are the pioneers in that region; you built Egypt and moved all the forces and energies so that that region was completely erected and populated.

Those who are now reading our message, yourself there on the other side of the screen… See… You are a priest, a priestess, a builder, a magician, a sorcerer, a sorceress , a mystic… You made Egypt. And before that, you were with us,

That’s just a little bit more than we’d like to tell you. But it does not cost us to bring a little more to your conscious. It is all that you are. Never blame yourself for the experiences you have had, never blame yourself for anything.

Honor yourself to the maximum. Honor yourself to the point of taking the situations in your hands when something has to be balanced, when something knocks on your door to be healed.

Honor yourself to the point of walking alone, relying on yourself knowing that you will have great support.

There is nothing else that needs to be resolved from that ancient conflict, you are reading this message and somehow it touched you, excited and aware. You are healed and that is why you are here: to help heal others who are yet to come. Not just from ancient Egypt, but of the New, and from other lands. Your wise look will help in healing.

In all this you have learned a lot, learned to listen, to trust in intuition, to trust in Love. To trust that everyone has their time to learn, evolve and expand. All at your limit, in your time, in your own wise inner mastery.

That’s the message of your Egyptian Heritage.

No one is forgotten by SOURCE. Every day at 4 pm in your time zone remember of all of you in these past times, united and hand in hand; remember the message of the past that has served and will serve forever; that everything has its divine time; that everything is as it is, and that there is always time for expansion, to recreate and to honor.

This 4 pm was the time of this event and it will be remembered for the recognition of the sovereignty of all, hand in hand, as ONE.

We leave our signature of Light so that it is based on your signature of Light! This is our message for today!

We are neither superior nor inferior.

We are just your Constant Companions!

Gabriel RL